Hello, welcome to EscBoats home of the Esc`ade Electric Deck Boat.

The Esc`ade originally launched by Leisure Life Ltd.® as the ElDeBo® and then by Johnson Outdoors Watercraft® as the Escape Cruz Electric Deck Boat®. Those models have been enjoyed for many years by thousands of boat owners. The Esc`ade's unplug and play nature provides a fun, easy going, low maintenance pleasure craft that enhances your on the water enjoyment and adventure.

EscBoats has taken the best design elements from the ElDeBo® and Escape Cruz Electric Deck Boat® and added upgraded materials, components, and assembly techniques. Additionally, the Minnkota® E-Drive® propulsion system has been upgraded and is now digitally controlled. All things considered we feel that the Esc`ade is the most refined model to date and is easily the best electric deck boat in its class.

Our familiarity with the boat comes from the many combined years as former employees of both Leisure Life Ltd.® and Johnson Outdoors Watercraft®. We are very proud and excited to be building this boat again and look forward to building one for you.